Meaning to look good.
Another way of saying Fabulous, Hot, Sexy, Scandalous,Beautiful.

Variation of piss, most usually used in the north (particularly Scotland)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Pish to the $203,150 Birkin.

This is the bag that sold for $203,150 … Yes I repeat $203,150!!

It was bought at an auction in Dallas by an anonymous buyer ( I guess he wants to stay anonymous because he is ashamed, he should be!!) .
I love bags, I love birkins but I think there is a moment in our life that we have to ask ourselves IS THIS RIGHT? IS THIS A JOKE??

I won’t give you the little speech people are dying, people don’t have roof, people are losing all their money… No I will not say that as you should know that!!  I will tell you a story instead, years ago there was a nice little girl a bit silly, and one day she was eating a delicious ice-cream, at some point she took a break as the Ice cream was huge and she put  the ice cream next to her, laughing around the little girl didn’t realise that the ice-cream had fallen down, she looked and BAM the Ice cream inside and all over a crocodile Birkin bag.. Oops! The little girl at that age didn’t know how much that bag was... but her dad yes!!! He was really embarrassed, luckily for the parents of the little girl the owner of the bag wasn’t upset at all.. of course now this little girl’s grown up and would love a Birkin but she would also love to poop in the $203,150 Birkin bag of the anonymous buyer!

And by the way worst Birkin I have ever seen!

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