Meaning to look good.
Another way of saying Fabulous, Hot, Sexy, Scandalous,Beautiful.

Variation of piss, most usually used in the north (particularly Scotland)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tish for the good cause... Pish for Isabel Marant

This is the T-shirt that Isabel Marant designed for GAP to help raise money for World AIDS.

I give a Tish as it’s a really good cause and we like good causes, and I will maybe buy one as every t-shirt sold will give 50% of its profits to stop AIDS.
But I have to say that I don’t find it very tish… actually it’s boring and reminds me of those artists  like Rothko or Pollock  that  are famous for doing nothing.

If Gap would have designed it no one would speak about it, but because it is Isabel Marant we will see it in magazines, websites and people.
Of course is certainly good for Gap (Yes, Gap still exist!!) but I doubt I will come out from the shop  with more than a T-shirt…

There is no imagination or design in it except it’s for a  good cause…SO for me it  makes great  Pyjamas.

T-shirts go on sale on Monday 28th November, get one!


  1. love this tish or pish thing!!! nice idea! ;)

    btw I was able to find something nice among the Versace collection... ;) but I have to admit, most items are unwearable!!!

    glad we can keep each other in touch on our blogs!



  2. mmmmm.... decisamente si!! magari suggerisciglielo in gran segreto! ;)
    io le metterò nella letterina-regali!!

    baci baci

    ps cm faccio a essere aggiornata sugli affari da te al lavoro???