Meaning to look good.
Another way of saying Fabulous, Hot, Sexy, Scandalous,Beautiful.

Variation of piss, most usually used in the north (particularly Scotland)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tish & Pish for the hair tie-dye



A new day, a new trend... I was perplexed about it.  I couldn't choose if it was a Pish or a Tish.  Maybe because it was started by Lauren Conrad and she can pull it off, as she looks great but something is missing... I think that something is class... So here is my decision... Pish! 
If you want to look like Avril Lavigne, and you are less then 18 yes, why not, it could be cool. But do not forget that you will have to throw out the half of your wardrobe as some colours won't suit you anymore. 

If you are one of the girls that will look amazing with it, congrats.  If not I'm sorry but it looks like a parrot shitted on you!

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