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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Little Tish for virtually calorie free pasta!!!

So here we are and April is around the corner.  The sun is giving us a preview of the summer and BAM we are suddenly super scared that we won't have enough time to loose the winter fat we put on (personally mine is always there). So time for a fake diet (The one I begin on Monday an and finish on Tuesday lunch time!)  So I bought this weird 22 calories per pack pasta!!! Yes 11 calories per 100grammes... 

Is this a dream came true... can we actually loose weight eating carbs... Nahhh of course not! Miracles only happen in dreams.

I bought it and tried it and have to say that it is a joke to call it pasta.  
The texture is a bit like jelly.  But I have to be honest its better than no pasta at all! You can boiled it for 2 minutes or microwave for 1, so its quick too. They actually do not have any taste on their own so I made mine with mussels and crab.  Let's just say that if you want to lose weight and bit fed up with salads it can make you a tiny bit happier... 

It might be good to put it in your soup to add something, perhaps a bit like ministrone, but of course do not expect pasta or anything near it.

Also it is good for the people who cannot eat gluten as it is 97% water.

If you are a diet addicted go for it but if you are a pasta lover do not even try them.


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